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        1. TEL:86-519-86213128 | lx-bearing@vip.163.com
          We are Boren - Global Top Stainless Steel Bearing Manufacturer.
          Our Professional Lead To Your Perfect. Ture Quality Just Need Enjoy.

          Welcome to Boren

          Changzhou Wujin Lixin Transmission Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 as a private enterprise. It was a leader in the area of researching and producing basic machinery parts in China, which includes stainless steel, insert bearings, stainless steel bearing housings, plastic bearing housings, zinc alloy bearing housings, punching bearing housings and all kinds of precision castings. In 2003, Lixin obtained ISO9001 Certificate of Quality Assurance System and all the products have reached the advanced level of China.  The products do sale well in China, USA and Europe.

          In order to meet clients??growing demands, Changzhou Boren Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was born in 2007. With the basis for Lixin, Boren is bringing and developing talents but also bringing high-tech for researching new products. Nowadays, Boren owns several patents and two own brands --- 鈥淟X??and 鈥淐ZBR?? which obtain real high compliments. It also makes OEM products for some top famous brands of bearings around the world.

          Think what customer think, Enhance the value by improve quality, Become a continuous leader in anti-static flooring industry.

          Our Products
          Our advantages

          We have always been insisting on the spirit of having the best quality products and best service for our customers and, we sincerely welcome customers from China and abroad to visit our factory at any of your convenient time, for the long term cooperation and mutual benefits.


          We process strictly inspection from Raw material,Production, Packing to Sales to ensure quality.


          We are willing to supply you the most reasonable prices to reach the long term relationship with you.


          We provide a long time service for you, Our professional and overall service will accompany with you as long as you are using our panel.

          News Quality Control & Workshop Contact Us

          Tel:0086-519-86213128 86213188
          Fax:0086-519-86213566 86217096
          zip code:213171

          Product Show
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